Ex-letting agent prosecuted for selective licensing offences

Ex-letting agent prosecuted for selective licensing offences

Date published: 20 February 2018
Cllr Sheila Bibb, chairman of the council's Prosperous Communities Committee
Cllr Sheila Bibb

A local businessman has been fined and ordered to pay costs totalling £9,268.82.

Joe Clayton (45) of Northmoor Road, Walkeringham has been prosecuted under West Lindsey District Council’s selective licensing scheme. The case was heard at Lincoln Magistrates Court on February 5 2018, for six licensing offences and two improvement notice offences.

Clayton entered an early guilty plea to the six selective licensing offences, and pleaded guilty to the further two improvement notice offences shortly prior to the hearing.

On sentence, the District Judge ordered Clayton to pay a total of £9,268.82, over a period of twelve months (made up of £5,000 fine, £170 victim surcharge and £4098.82 costs). Following the result of the prosecution, Clayton has four weeks to submit full licence applications for all relevant addresses to avoid future formal action

As previously reported, the Selective Licensing Scheme for the South West Ward of Gainsborough started on Monday 18 July 2016. The council successfully prosecuted four landlords in October 2017 - the first under the scheme.

Cllr Sheila Bibb, Chairman of the Prosperous Communities Committee said: “The private rented sector is the only option available for some of the most vulnerable people in our area.

“This action sends a clear message that the council wishes to work with good landlords to improve this sector and identify the poor or criminal landlords.”

More than 400 dwellings are now licensed in the area of the town and significant efforts are being made to ensure that all landlords comply with the scheme, with formal action being considered for those who do not.

If you are an unlicensed landlord in the designated area or are a resident who is concerned that your landlord is operating unlicensed, please let us know by emailing selectivelicensing@west-lindsey.gov.uk

If you have concerns about the conditions in your rental property, please contact 01427 676 676 to submit a disrepair report form.

For more information on selective licensing visit: www.west-lindsey.gov.uk/selectivelicensing

For the latest news on West Lindsey District Council visit: www.west-lindsey.gov.uk/councilnews

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