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Creativity is the most important leadership quality…

Creativity is the most important leadership quality…

Date published: 07 November 2017
Stuart Baldwin

More than 150 business leaders from Gainsborough and surrounding area were encouraged to ‘Live Big’ at a special event.

Engagement expert, Stuart Baldwin, of 'Live Big', was invited by Invest Gainsborough Place Board to give a presentation to business leaders, to assist in building confidence in the town. The event was held at the Town Hall in the centre of Gainsborough.

Stuart talked about the six powers needed to enhance performance and consequently happiness. He said: “Your success and your happiness is driven by your mindset and how we think and what we do are both within our own control.” Concluding that this applicable to place making and regenerating Gainsborough.

Stuart went on to say: “The most important leadership quality is creativity - there is a creativity gap in our workplace which means we get stuck in fixed thinking”. He complimented the Invest Gainsborough website and work of the Place Board as evidence of creative thinking.

He urged people to live big and added: “I don’t know Gainsborough well but from what I do know it seems like there is a remarkable opportunity here”.

“I know how hard it is to look past the current challenges but I really believe that if the right group of people can create the right mind set and inspire others to think big to play big and to take action, then inch by inch, little by little Gainsborough has the potential to really shine and to really stand out.”

Invest Gainsborough is an initiative led by West Lindsey District Council and supported by the private sector. It was set up to promote residential and commercial investment to kick start regeneration in the historic market town.

Steve Gelder chairman of The Place Board, which is made up of business representatives from the town opened the event by updating guests on some of the achievements over the year.

This included:

  • The first Construction College in the country
  • Work starting on a new hotel and restaurant in the town
  • Gainsborough Heritage Masterplan launched
  • Housing on a number of brownfield housing sites starting to be delivered.
  • £millions secured towards regeneration projects

Steve added: “Our programme of work is all about making Gainsborough an investable proposition. The work of the Place Board is to create positive conversations about the town. This has led to celebrities and CEO of banks visiting the town and hearing about our work and we are promoting our story book nationally.

“It is this work that has led to tonight. How often can you say you can get 150 business leaders in a room together to talk about motivation? I have known Stuart for 10 years and people can relate to him because he is honest.”

The guest list included representatives from businesses, education, finance and leisure as well as councillors and officers from West Lindsey District Council.

Pat Doody, Business and commercial banking director Natwest and board member of the Greater Lincolnshire Local Enterprise Partnership (GLLEP) attended the event.

He said: “I think it is great that Gainsborough is showcasing itself in this way. Stuart has provided some good examples of how business’ can help themselves and how they can bring their best to the party.”

Nick Worboys director of development and sales at Longhurst Group said she had taken lots of notes.

She said: “Stuart’s presentation exceeded my expectations. There are some people who are glass half empty but he has given us some tools to increase motivation and I will definitely be taking this back to my team.”

Steff Wright managing director of Gusto Homes said the event was ‘refreshing’.

He added: “Optimism breeds success and it will make me think the next time someone asks should I build in West Lindsey I will think of it positively.”

Cllr Sheila Bibb attended the event along with many of her fellow district councillors.

She said: “It was an exciting and inspirational talk totally in-keeping with our ambitions for to regenerate the town”.

“The Place Board continue to promote Gainsborough to investors and developers and create positive conversations and associations for our town. Stuart gave the audience plenty to think about, specifically what they can change in their lives, in business and in Gainsborough.”

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