Become an ‘Active Senior’ in West Lindsey

Date published: 13 November 2018
Active Seniors

West Lindsey leisure Centre have launched its Active Seniors Programme, to engage senior residents in its community to take up physical activity.

The scheme, designed by Everyone Active in partnership with West Lindsey Leisure Centre, offers a wide variety of activity sessions, which are conducted at a suitable pace and feature much lower impact exercises.

Whether you’re just starting out or are a something of a fitness veteran, this programme has been designed to suit residents of all ages and abilities and what’s more, they will be able to engage with it by utilising the new state-of-the-art equipment that was unveiled at the centre this September.

Kerry O’Neill, Everyone Active’s contract manager, said: “This programme is specifically designed for more senior members of our community and we’re hoping to encourage people to break down the barrier of starting to exercise, no matter how old they are”.

“The sessions are based both from the Leisure Centre and out in our rural community, giving people chance the access physical activity sessions, not just at our centre, but in village halls and community hubs too.”

Cllr Sheila Bibb, Chairman of the Prosperous Communities committee was delighted to hear that the scheme will soon be launching, she said: “This is a wonderful initiative for the active seniors within West Lindsey.

“I hope that as many people as possible will get involved with this scheme, take up more physical activity and make good use of the state-of-the-art equipment at the Leisure Centre.”

Amongst the activities available on the Active Seniors Programme, West Lindsey will be offering walking football, pilates, cardiac rehabilitation, table tennis, walking netball, virtual classes and access to the new toning suite as well as much more.

Senior residents in the district will also have access to a social hub, which will offer events such as creative writing classes, quiz nights, healthy eating groups and coffee and cake mornings.

Reasons To Get Active…

  • Reduces the risk of heart disease and strokes

  • Helps reduce high blood pressure

  • Helps control body weight

  • Reduces the risk of depression, stress and anxiety

For more information on the Active Seniors Programme, you can contact the centre on 01427 615169 or by speaking to a member of staff on site.

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