Your questions answered - Budget Consultation 2020 - Day 1

Date published: 16 July 2020
Budget Consultation 2020

As part of our budget consultation have asked you to submit your questions about how you think out budget should be spent and what you feel is important to your community. Thank you to all of those who have taken the time to complete the survey and submit their questions. 

We have put your questions to our Chief Executive Ian Knowles and Leader of the Council, Cllr Giles McNeill and will be releasing a number of pre-recorded videos answering your questions. To find out more about the budget consultation or to complete our online survey please visit

The consultation is open until Monday 27 July 2020.

Below are the questions and answers that have been released today (16.7.20) via video on our social media channels. 


Thank you to everyone who took the time to respond to our budget consultation and contribute questions.  We have collated your responses and are currently analysing them.

This is a pre-recorded event to answer your questions you submitted and as we have received a significant number of questions we have accumulated them into topic areas and hope that we can provide you with an overview of our activities.

Before we get started:

Whilst we work collaboratively with the County Council and other public sector providers we may be unable to answer some questions around Transport, Roads and Social Care as these are County Council Functions 

Our Budget Book and Statement of Accounts can be found on our website which provide more insight to our current and future financial position.


You asked us about our plans to regenerate Market Towns and increase community capacity, encourage more businesses to the area and incentives for them. You also asked about major improvements to infrastructure and about maximising green spaces.

One of our Corporate Priorities is about Place and some of our projects are about realising that.

We are delivering a comprehensive programme of investment which includes enabling housing growth and developing our leisure offer for communities.

We do offer business support and have a range of incentives including: a feasibility fund, a supportive pre-planning process, commercial loans, access to funding and support through Growth Hub and discounted membership to the Federation of Small Business.

However, we are also looking to the future to determine what is next for West Lindsey.

Climate Change

You asked us about climate change, the impact of flooding on local people and what actions we are taking to mitigate Climate Change.

We are taking the climate issue seriously and are taking a science-led approach to our response and have set up a working group led by Councillors.

We are aware of the vulnerabilities that some of our communities face as a result of extreme weather events such as flooding and within our strategy, we will be looking to see how best we can support them in partnership with other relevant agencies.

The Council has already made significant progress in reducing its own carbon footprint; down by approximately 30% over recent years, however there is much work left to do. Our Environment, Climate & Sustainability Strategy will detail additional actions required to reduce the impact of its operations to net-zero carbon. If you have not already please complete our survey on the matter which is available on our website. 

Waste, litter & fly-tipping

You asked us about our plans to collect roadside litter, extend the garden waste collections, introduce food waste recycling and about the opening of tips during the pandemic.  You also asked about our plans to reduce crime, fly tipping and speeding vehicles through villages.

We work hard to keep our district clean and have won at the Clean Britain Awards.  We work with the Highways Authority and volunteers to carry out litter-picks.

Unfortunately, we have seen a significant increase in fly-tipping during COVID-19 - despite a Lincolnshire –wide campaign urging people to stop, and ask people to check that those taking away any waste are registered to do so. This is an issue that is mirrored nationally and our teams are not only investigating them and issue fixed penalty notices or prosecute where quality evidence allows but they have continued to provide a full street cleansing service throughout the pandemic.

It is likely that food waste collections will be mandatory from 2023. Lincolnshire Waste Partnership have carried out a pilot with South Kestven with a view to rolling the service out across Lincolnshire in future years. With regards to the Household Waste Recycling Centres, these are operated by Lincolnshire County Council and they have now re-opened and residents can take waste as long as they have booked a slot online.

Council Tax

You asked us if we take account of people on fixed incomes when setting the council tax, rebates for single earners in the family, central government funding and have we thought about better ways of raising money.

The Council’s costs are funded from a variety of sources including; Fees and Charges, Council Tax, Business Rates and other grant funding.  Whilst Council Tax legislation is fixed there are some discounts that can be applied depending on your circumstances such as single person discount. As a Council we have also developed a commercial offer to bring in funds to support services.

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