Please think carefully before using fireworks during lockdown

Date published: 05 November 2020

West Lindsey District Council are urging residents to follow national restrictions this bonfire night and to think carefully if they are planning to let off fireworks in private gardens.

National restrictions began in England this morning (Thursday 5 November), and so any use of fireworks must be done taking into account the latest measures to combat the virus, which include staying at home unless absolutely necessary, such as for work, education, caregiving, exercise or food shopping, and avoiding any unnecessary household mixing both indoors and outdoors.

Deputy Leader of the Council, Councillor Paul Howitt-Cowan said: “I know these are difficult times for everyone, but it is vitally important that we all once again, come together at this moment to bring the virus back down to levels our NHS can deal with. The best way to do this is to follow the national restrictions from Thursday – stay at home, protect the NHS and save lives.

“Bonfire celebrations are a huge part of our tradition and culture, particularly in Lincolnshire, where events often take place right around the county, including in the West Lindsey District. However, we must make these sacrifices, to protect others, and to save lives, and I ask people to think about how they celebrate bonfire night this year, and whether or not they really need to let off fireworks.”

With lockdown beginning on Bonfire Night, more residents, including vulnerable and elderly residents, will be at home than usual, and the use of loud fireworks close by could be distressing to many, as well as being seriously dangerous if handled wrongly. For instance, fireworks should always be fully cooled down before being placed in the general waste bin.

Housing and Environmental Enforcement Manager, Andy Gray, said: “Fireworks can cause serious injury and serious damage if not handled correctly. Please also be considerate of the fact that residents will be largely staying at home in line with the new lockdown regulations, and that fireworks can cause serious disruption and annoyance to neighbours, especially those with pets who cannot escape the noise. This in itself will cause alarm and disruption to many residents staying in their homes over the next few days.”

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