Council has extended tough measures to tackle dog fouling

Date published: 06 October 2020
Dog and walker in West Lindsey

West Lindsey District Council has agreed to extend and vary its powers to combat the issue of dog fouling across the district.

The changes follow a consultation with members of the public who were asked for their view on extending a Public Space Protection Order (PSPO).

It means the authority can issue fixed penalty notices of £100 to dog owners who are found to be in breach of the new rules.

The PSPO has also been varied to make it a requirement for dog owners to carry a suitable means of removing any fouling that their dog does, such as a dog waste bags or similar.

Cllr Jessie Milne Chair of the regulatory and licensing Committee at West Lindsey District Council has welcomed the tougher rules.

She said: “Firstly I would like to thank everyone who took part in the consultation. We had more than 750 responses which demonstrates just how important the issue of tackling dog fouling is to local people. The vast majority of respondents to the consultation supported the Council’s plans to address dog fouling in this way.

“West Lindsey District Council recognises there are lots of responsible dog owners in the district but there are a few dog owners who are spoiling things in their local communities by refusing to clear up after their pets. Whilst we don’t want to issue fines, we will if necessary but we hope the extra rules and fines will act as a strong deterrent.”

The order requires individuals in control of dogs to:

  • Remove any dog fouling immediately
  • Properly dispose of it in a general waste or dog bin
  • Carry a device or other suitable means to remove the dog fouling

A breach of a PSPO is an an offence, and the person committing the breach may be given a fixed penalty notice of £100, be prosecuted, or may be liable for further action under anti-social behaviour legislation.

To report dog fouling, or find out more details in regards to the PSPO including FAQs please visit

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