Are you facing Housing difficulties?

Date published: 16 October 2020

Homelessness Prevention Officers at West Lindsey District Council have issued a plea to anyone facing housing difficulties to contact them sooner rather than later.

Problems and difficulties with housing can affect anyone for many reasons, and can include being financially unable to pay the rent, receiving an eviction notice or experiencing a breakdown of family relationships.

Senior Homelessness Prevention Officer, Andy Lee said: “The message I want to get across here is clear. If you have, or face, any kind of difficulties in relation to your living situation, please contact us as soon as possible. Do not let your difficulties continue, come to us as soon you can. The sooner you get in touch, the sooner my team can act.”

Dedicated officers working to prevent homelessness in the West Lindsey area are also concerned of a potential spike of housing difficulties arising off the back of the no-evictions policy, put in place during the peak of the pandemic, and are keen to stress that all current contact must take place with government social distancing guidelines in mind.

Andy Lee said: “It is vital that all communications that take place with anyone struggling with housing difficulties, take place either over the phone or by email. We are all living in a new normal, and so I must advise that only in exceptional circumstances should someone present themselves at the Guildhall.

“Our commitment to helping people remains exactly the same as it was before, but remaining safe and respecting the social distancing rules must be remembered and observed at all times.”

If anyone feels that they are facing, or currently experiencing, housing difficulties, they are asked to contact the housing team on 01427 676676 or email

Further information and contact details can be found by following the link to a dedicated help page here -

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