West Lindsey given big summer clean!

Date published: 23 August 2019
cllr rainsforth and Street Cleansing manager Simon Smoothey at Gains bin .jpg

The district has been truly spruced up, leaving residents feeling proud of their local area, thanks to government funding to help clean up local areas. 

The ‘High Street Community Clean Up’ fund has granted £16,500 to the Council to replace bins in disrepair and provide litter picking kits to local communities. 

Bins in Gainsborough town centre and riverside walk, many of which were in desperate need of replacements, have been upgraded, improving the look of the area. 

Cllr Judy Rainsforth, for Gainsborough South West ward, praised the new bins.

Cllr Rainsforth said: “The new bins look wonderful. It is changes like these that contribute to the wider regeneration of Gainsborough and help local people feel proud of where they live. It’s fantastic to see this funding having an impact on how Gainsborough high street looks.” 

A number of community tidy up kits will also be on offer to help support community groups and volunteer groups, thanks to money from the fund. Many community tidy ups have already taken place in West Lindsey, making a vast improvement to the tidiness of many local areas. 

Cllr Owen Bierley, ward councillor for Caistor and Yarborough, has taken part in a number of community tidy ups in Keelby.

He said: “Having access to these kits has made it easier for us to keep the area tidy. It’s been brilliant working together as a local community to litter pick – it’s a great opportunity for local people to get to know each other better and ensure that Keelby really is a place they are proud to call home.”

The remaining funds from the grant have been used to buy litter picking kits for schools, meaning that young people can learn to care about the tidiness of their surroundings. 

If you’d like to take organise a community tidy up in West Lindsey, get in contact with our customer services team at 01427 676 676.

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