West Lindsey District Council is proud to support its apprentices

Date published: 04 March 2019
Apprentices Niall Crane, Jason Lill and Adam Thomas

For National Apprenticeship Week 2019, West Lindsey District Council is celebrating its own apprentices and other successful apprenticeship opportunities throughout the district.

At West Lindsey District Council, there are four apprentices working across customer services, business admin and IT. This week, the Council will be celebrating their contribution to the organisation and the value of having apprentices as part of the council.

Jason Lill, 21, is 16 months into his apprenticeship and believes being able to apply his IT skills into a real working environment has really benefitted his career prospects: “I’ve always wanted a career in I.T., and being at West Lindsey District Council has definitely given me a good grounding. The different training I’ve had here has opened up quite a large variety of areas I can go into afterwards. But I’m also interested in carrying on here.”

Customer Services apprentice, Adam Thomas, said: “One of the highlights for me has been completing the Customer Service Practitioner Level qualification. It’s really helped me to open my mind within the working environment. Learning whilst working in the role has really enhanced my knowledge and skills.”

Emma Redwood, People and Organisational Development Manager, is pleased that the Council’s apprenticeship scheme provides the opportunity for talented individuals to flourish in a working environment. 

Emma said: “At West Lindsey District Council we’re proud to be celebrating our successful apprenticeship scheme. We believe that investing in people with potential can be have great outcomes – not just for our apprentices but for the innovation of the council as a whole.”

Keep an eye on the Council website for upcoming opportunities to apply for apprenticeships.

This week, the Council will also be celebrating the apprentices who are taking part in the Made in Gainsborough Apprenticeship scheme.  Made in Gainsborough consortium comprises the Council, Gainsborough College, and major companies operating in the local area to offer a high quality engineering apprenticeship scheme.

The programme has had a successful start, with 100% of students still on the course, and those involved are working hard to ensure its continued success.  

Niall Crane, One of the apprentices with Eminox, said:“With this apprenticeship, I get to do practical as well as theory, and that was the main drive for me to choose this apprenticeship. I get to be hands on in a work environment, doing a proper job while learning. My goal is to become a charter engineer one day, and this apprenticeship is creating a path for me to achieve that goal.”

Alongside Eminox, the employers involved in the Made in Gainsborough group are AMP Rose, A. Schulman Ltd, Clean Tech, Hooton Engineering, Regal Beloit, Trepko and Wefco.

As well as employing Apprentices, these local businesses have also helped to design the programme and are heavily involved in promoting the scheme to local high schools to encourage young people to take up Apprenticeships in engineering.

Amanda Bouttell, Senior Project & Growth Officer at West Lindsey District Council, said: “Apprenticeships are still one of the only time tested approaches used by businesses to help develop their pipeline of talent. It’s a credible option for those individuals that aren’t attracted to academic routes into employment.  Apprentices can now gain a degree standard education, debt free and with the likelihood of a job at the end of it!”

With the continued success of the Made in Gainsborough initiative, West Lindsey District Council is committed to tackling misconceptions around apprenticeships and is a member of the East Midlands Apprenticeship Ambassador Network that work with schools and employers to champion Apprenticeships. The Council is celebrating apprenticeships as a path to a successful and lucrative career, keeping talent in the local area.

For more information about Apprenticeships go to the National Apprenticeship website - www.apprenticeships.gov.uk.

If you’re interested to learn more about Made in Gainsborough, you can request a free leaflet by contacting - growth@west-lindsey.gov.uk

For the latest news on West Lindsey District Council visit: www.west-lindsey.gov.uk/councilnews

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