Recycling Week: Are you a Top recycler?

Date published: 23 September 2019
Recycle Week

This National Recycling Week (23-28 September) residents are being reminded to recycle plastic bottles and to make sure their recycling is clean and dry.

Milk bottles, pop bottles, toiletry bottles, cleaning product bottles, ketchup bottles, squash bottles – all plastic bottles, crushed and without lids.  

Cllr Eddy Poll, chairman of the Lincolnshire Waste Partnership comments: "Lots of residents say to us they are confused about recycling plastics. We are trying to make things simple – so please, take the top off the plastic bottle, and put them both in the recycling.

Don’t be worried about the triangles on the bottom or guidance on sorting types of bottles– the plastics will be separated out at the recycling centre. The most important thing is they are clean, dry and not bagged - just like the rest of the recycling.

"Other items in the recycling should be: white or clear plastic tubs, pots or trays, tins and cans, and glass* as long as they are clean. Residents should leave out films, foils, crisp packets, plastic bags or any electricals. And, if in doubt, our advice is to leave it out."

"Residents continue to ask me- if I put more in my rubbish will it go to landfill? The answer is no. Last year, we repurposed, reused, recycled or composted 96% of our waste, and only 4% went to landfill."

Today (23 September) also marks the first collection of the new paper and card collection involving around 7,500 homes in South Holland, Boston and North Kesteven.

Cllr Poll adds: "We are making significant progress in changing the way we are dealing with waste and recycling in the county- so we are more economical and more environmentally friendly – just as our residents expect."

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