Council property

Council property

Council owned property

Details of Council owned property can be found in the downloads section.

Maintenance of council owned property

Planned and responsive repair maintenance is undertaken at the various sites owned by the council, these properties include:

  • Area Offices at Market Rasen
  • Depots at Gainsborough and Market Rasen
  • Retail Units in Gainsborough
  • Arts Centre and Development Land

Such maintenance contracts include:

  • Fire alarms and emergency lighting - servicing repair and adjustment to British Standards
  • Intruder Systems - Maintenance to Association of Chief Police Officer requirements, servicing and adjustment
  • Fixed and portable appliance testing to British Standards
  • Maintenance and monitoring for the prevention of Legionella bacteria
  • Passenger lifts together with automatic doors - servicing, repair and adjustment.

The above maintenance contracts have various contract start dates. Should you wish your organisation to be considered for inclusion in any tendered maintenance contract, please forward details to the contact shown below.

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