Selective Licensing

The Selective licensing scheme which was in force in the South West Ward of Gainsborough from 18 July 2016 came to an end of 18 July 2021. The licences which were in force ceased on this date and the associated conditions are no longer in force. West Lindsey District Council retrains its other powers relating to property standards and conditions regardless of the end of the scheme, however, no action is required from landlords in respect of the scheme ending.

The scheme has been subject to review from time to time over its duration, and a more comprehensive review of the scheme as a whole is being carried out and will be presented at West Lindsey District Council's Prosperous Communities Committee in September 2021, and will be publicly available. 

There is no current re-designation in place to renew or extend the scheme, but we are undertaking a feasibility exercise to consider the future of licensing for private rented properties in West Lindsey and whether any future schemes may benefit residents.

If you have any queries in relation to Selective Licensing please send your query to: