Business Licence Fees

Business Licence Fees

Below is a list of the Business Licences and their prices, provided by West Lindsey District Council :

Business Licence nameTypePrice
Driver Knowledge Test £28.00
Taxi Drivers Licence (to drive HC/PH Vehicles)3 years£156.00
DBS (Disclosure & Barring Service) - previously CRB £56.00
Private Hire Operators Licence 5 years£210.00
Private Hire Vehicle £249.00
Hackney Carriage VehicleAnnual£249.00
Replacement Vehicle Plate - plate only £27.00
Replacement Vehicle Plate - plate and bracket/clips £36.00
Transfer of Ownership of Vehicle Licence £25.00
Animal Boarding EstablishmentEither cats or dogs - Renewal£228.00
Animal Boarding EstablishmentDual usage - Renewal£269.00
Animal Boarding EstablishmentNew premises£82.00 + vets fees
Home Boarding EstablishmentNew / Renewal£151.00
Dog Breeding EstablishmentRenewal£228.00
Dog Breeding EstablishmentNew premises£82.00 + vets fees
Pet Shop LicenceNew / Renewal£182.00
Dangerous Wild AnimalsNew / Renewal£145.00 + vets fees
Riding EstablishmentNew / Renewal£82.00 + vets fees
Zoo Licence4 year initial application£363.00 + vets fees
Zoo Licence6 year intervals£517.00 + vets fees
Zoo LicenceAnnual Inspection£61.00 per hour
Change of Details (address, name etc.) on Licence or Copy of Licence £25.00
Lottery Registration - New £40.00
Lottery Registration - Renewal £20.00
Licensed Premises Gaming Machine Permit £50.00
Scrap Metal - Site3 years£1,346.00
Scrap Metal - Change of Site Manager £73.00
Scrap Metal - Collector3 years£209.00
Scrap Metal - Change of Name/Address £104.00
Skin Piercing, Acupuncture, Tattooing, Ear Piercing and ElectrolysisPremises£174.00
Skin Piercing, Acupuncture, Tattooing, Ear Piercing and ElectrolysisPersons£45.00
Sex Shop LicenceNew£1,950.00
Sex Shop LicenceRenewal£423.00
Sex Shop LicenceTransfer Fee£395.00
Street Trading Consent £170.00

For more information contact the Licensing Department, stating what kind of licence you are interested in using the contact information below.


West Lindsey District Council
Guildhall, Marshall's Yard
DN21 2NA


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