Scrap metal dealer

Any persons collecting, buying or selling scrap, or operating a motor salvage business in West Lindsey will require a Scrap Metal Dealer Licence from us.

There are two types of licence:

  • A site licence - to operate a site and collect any scrap relevant to that site
  • A collector’s licence - to collect scrap within the area of the council which issued it. If you want to collect in more than one council area then you will need to apply for a collector’s licence from each one

These licences last 3 years and the fees can be found on the business licence fees page.

Please note these scrap metal dealer licences do not replace the waste carrier’s licence issued by the Environment Agency. Collectors will need to hold a waste carrier's licence before applying to us under the Scrap Metal Dealers Act 2013.
Any persons who carry on business as a scrap metal dealer without a licence may be liable on conviction to a maximum fine of £5,000.


We must be satisfied that the applicant is a suitable person to carry on business as a scrap metal dealer. We will consider any relevant information, in particular whether the applicant or any site manager has been:

  • convicted of any relevant offence or subject of any relevant enforcement action
  • subject to any previous refusal of an application for the issue or renewal of a scrap metal licence or a relevant environmental permit or registration, or has had any previous scrap metal licence revoked
  • or whether the applicant has demonstrated that there will be in place adequate procedures to ensure that the provisions of this Act are complied with

Applicants will also need to submit a basic criminal record disclosure issued no earlier than three months from the date of application.

You will need to confirm whether or not you have the correct planning permission. Lincolnshire County Council is responsible for planning permissions involving waste disposal sites, visit Lincolnshire County Council's Planning Application pages for more information.


Licensing registers are available to view using the link below.

Public Register


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