Charitable collections

Street collections

Any collection of money, or sale of articles, for charitable purposes, which takes place in any street or public place, must be licensed by the district council under the Police, Factories etc (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1916. The council issues a permit for authorised collections and the collection must be undertaken in accordance with the Street Collections Regulations, a copy of which is supplied with the permit. The council must be satisfied that the collection is for bona fide charitable purposes, and will only grant one permit for any location at any one time. A return must be made to the council after the collection certifying the amount collected.

Apply for a Street Collection Licence

House to House Collections

No house to house collection of money or goods, for a charitable purpose, can take place without the promoter having first obtained a licence from the district council. The only exceptions to this are

  1. large charitable organisations which have been granted an exemption certificate by the Home Office; and
  2. highly localised collections over a short period which can be authorised by the local police.

Apply for a House to House Collection Permit


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