Lettings Policy

West Lindsey District Council is fully committed to enabling applicants to play an active role in choosing where they live, whilst continuing to accommodate those in the greatest housing need in the district. The West Lindsey Home Choice Policy aims to be open and transparent. 

It is important that applicants are aware that the demand for accommodation is higher in some areas than in others, as is property availability and turnover. In making a decision about the choices available, applicants need to consider their housing need against the availability of properties in any given area.

The main objectives of the Policy are to:

  • Provide a fair, open and accountable framework in which everyone has equality of access when seeking an affordable home
  • Prevent homelessness and reduce the use of temporary accommodation
  • Assist applicants in the greatest housing needs, whilst ensuring the best use of limited housing resources and that balanced and stable communities are maintained
  • Ensure quality and accessible advice and assistance about the scheme is freely available, to ensure applicant understand and can participate.
  • Take account of the relevant legislation and statutory guidance
  • Have due regard to the Lincolnshire Homelessness strategy