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Affordable housing

What is affordable housing?

Affordable housing is for people whose needs cannot be met by the open market. It is just like any other housing except that it is bought or rented at below market prices. We work with Developers and Registered Providers of social Housing (RPs which are also known as Housing Associations) to provide affordable homes in the district. The two main forms of affordable housing available in West Lindsey: affordable rented housing and shared ownership.

Affordable rented housing

The Council no longer owns affordable homes to rent. Affordable rented housing is housing available to rent from a provider of social housing at a cost below open market rent, usually 20% lower.

Affordable rented properties are allocated through the West Lindsey Housing register and are let through the Choice Based Lettings (CBL) scheme called West Lindsey Home Choice.

To be able to bid for or express an interest in properties which are available you need to be registered with the council. To register visit the West Lindsey Home Choice website.

Once you are registered the team will assess your application and eligible households will be given a priority banding. You will be given a username and password to enable you to log onto the system.

Properties are advertised on weekly bidding cycles and which start on Tuesday night at midnight and close the following Monday night at midnight.It is the responsibility of the applicant to check the listings regularly to look for a home to meet their needs.

When you find a suitable home you can make a ‘bid’ or express an interest through the website or sometimes on the phone.

When the advert closes the bids are shortlisted and checked.

Each property is usually offered to the bidder with the highest banding and therefore assessed as being in the greatest housing need.

There are instances however, where properties have a local connection criteria and priority is given to people with a local connection to the location of the property. This is detailed in the advert.

If your bid is successful you will be contacted by the housing association who owns the property who will set up an interview. If it goes well they will offer you the property and arrange for you to view it.

To register and see details of properties available visit the West Lindsey Home Choice website.

Shared Ownership

Shared Ownership is for people who would like to own their own home but cannot afford to buy 100% of that home on the open market.

Further details can be found on our Shared Ownership page.

First Homes

First Homes is a new tenure of affordable housing which offers properties for sale with a discount of 30% on the market value to first time buyers. Further details are available on our First Homes page.

table | Registered providers with properties in West Lindsey

Registered providers with properties in West Lindsey

Registered providers with properties in West Lindsey
Provider Description Telephone Website
Acis Group Limited Providing more than 6,500 quality, affordable homes to people across Lincolnshire, South Yorkshire, Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire 0800 027 2057 Acis Group Limited
Anchor England’s largest not-for-profit provider of housing and care for older people. 0808 102 4179 Anchor
Derwent Living Derwent Living is a ‘profit for social purpose’ organisation providing affordable housing to suit a range of lifestyles. 01522 512200 Derwent Living
Longhurst Group Longhurst Group own and manage over 22,000 homes, and balance great customer service and value for money to provide a range of quality services for their customers across the Midlands and the East of England 0345 3090 700 Longhurst Group
Ongo Partnership Ltd Ongo is North Lincolnshire’s largest landlord with around 10,000 homes to rent. They’ve been around since 2007 and have a commitment to delivering high quality, affordable homes to local people. 01724 279900 Ongo Partnership Ltd
Orbit Homes Orbit Homes was established in 2009. They develop and sell a range of high-quality new homes across the Midlands, East Anglia, the South-East and London on behalf of Orbit – One of the UK’s largest housing providers with more than 50 years’ experience.   Orbit Homes
Taylor Lindsey Homes Taylor Lindsey Homes has been building new homes in Lincolnshire since the 1940s. 01522 512200  
Waterloo Housing Waterloo Housing build and manage affordable homes across the Midlands and Lincolnshire. 0345 600 6055  
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Private rented sector

This is accommodation rented from a private landlord or letting agent. There is a wide choice of available properties which are let at unrestricted rents which reflect market demand. Private landlords will often require references and payments of deposit or rent in advance and offer a minimum tenancy of six months.

Any changes in circumstances should be reported Via the Home Choice Website or by coming to one of our drop in centres. Alternatively you could make contact with the Home Choices team

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Types of tenancy

There are two main types of tenancy agreement, Assured Shorthold Tenancy and Assured Tenancy.