Worried about losing your home?

We provide a full housing advice service to everyone who lives in West Lindsey, regardless of tenure.  Customers who are worried about losing their home will have an opportunity to discuss their circumstances with a case worker who will provide information, advice and practical assistance regarding housing rights, responsibilities and options available to them.

We aim to prevent homelessness through our housing advice service and various prevention tools/initiatives.

Assistance to remain in current accommodation

  • Landlord Liaison/Negotiation
  • Family & Friends Reconciliation
  • Mortgage Assistance – including mortgage rescue & liaison with lender
  • Sanctuary Scheme –work to improve security to your home
  • Prevention Payments – one off payments eg: agency application fees
  • Discretionary Payments – when there is a shortfall of housing benefit
  • Debt Management – inc income maximisation & liaison with lenders
  • Floating Support Service – practical assistance to enable them to remain in their home

Assistance to find alternative accommodation

  • Family Liaison
  • Landlord Liaison
  • Rent Advice & Deposit Guarantee
  • Referrals to other Housing Providers eg: Foyers
  • Prevention Payments
  • Low Cost Home Ownership

If you are worried about losing your home please contact us as soon as possible, ask to speak to a Home Choices Officer who will arrange a Housing Advice Interview.


If you are threatened with eviction your situation is extremely serious and may result in you losing your home.

There is no guarantee that a Court will not evict households with children, and the Council generally has no obligation to re-house people who are evicted for non-payment of rent or anti-social behaviour.

Don’t ignore the problem.

There are things you can do and people who can help.

But you need to act!

Read any letters you receive carefully. It explains how much rent you owe. If you’re not sure what it means, or why you've been sent it, get in touch with us straight away. 

Your rent is your responsibility.  Even if you are getting benefit, it is up to you to make sure your rent account stays up-to-date.   If you cannot understand why you have arrears, you still need to contact us so it can be sorted out.

Get free help and advice.  We can refer you to the CAB or our Welfare Advisor for advice on benefits and help in managing all your debts, not just rent arrears.  You can also get your own advice from a solicitor or housing advice centre.

Don’t ignore the problem.

Your rent is a priority debt - if you don’t pay your rent, you could lose your home. 

Make sure you contact Home Choices at the Gainsborough office so we can agree with you what will happen next