Private water supplies

Regulations on private water supplies on England and Wales were updated in 2010. These new regulations now mean that we are required to carry out testing and risk assessments.

The Regulations apply to anyone who owns or uses a private water supply serving two or more dwellings or a commercial property where the water is intended for human consumption. If you are operating a food business from your premises (e.g. home caterer, bed and breakfast) you must have wholesome water at all times.

More detailed information can be found on the Drinking Water Inspectorate website.

Inspection charges

The Private Water Supplies (England) (amendment) Regulation 2018 allows us to recover the costs associated with providing particular services to private supply owners/operators in discharging their duties under the Regulations. These duties include undertaking risk assessments, investigations, and obtaining and analysing samples.  We will charge a fee, payable on invoice, for the activities in the following for the reasonable cost of providing the service. 

More information can also be found from these organisations.

Freedom of Information — Private Water Supply enquires and complaints

Private Water Supply enquires and complaints information data from the years 2012 to 2020 can be found below:

Private Water Supply enquires and complaints
Year Download
2020 Private Water Supplies 2020
2019 Private Water Supplies 2019
2018 Private Water Supplies 2018
2017 Private Water Supplies 2017
2016 Private Water Supplies 2016
2015 Private Water Supplies 2015
2014 Private Water Supplies 2014
2013 Private Water Supplies 2013
2012 Private Water Supplies 2012
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