Sustainability, Climate Change and Environment Strategy Development

West Lindsey District Council is committed to reducing its carbon footprint to net-zero by 2050 at the latest and to also playing a leadership role to ensure that the whole District can achieve the same position within the same timescale. Our Sustainability, Climate Change and Environment Strategy, agreed upon in June 2021, sets out how this will be achieved and the matters that need to be addressed.  It will support our vision that West Lindsey is ”a great place to be where people, businesses and communities can thrive and reach their potential.”   

This is a significant challenge and taking urgent action is really important. But by leading by example; encouraging businesses, communities and individuals to take positive actions, large or small; celebrating success; constantly reviewing new technologies and innovation and taking advantage of funding opportunities, we are confident that the challenge can be met. 

The strategy is supported by an action plan which is a working document and from which projects will evolve. The whole climate agenda is fast moving so prioritising and re-prioritising projects will be a key focus. 

We encourage you to read the strategy and identify actions you can take now to make a difference. We would love to hear of any changes you may have made to the way you live your life to reduce your own carbon footprint, or any feedback you have on the strategy.

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