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Telephone 01522 782082 - Lincolnshire County Council Highways team - if you are experiencing flooding or want to report local flooding (at neighbours, on highway etc).

Telephone 999 if the situation becomes life threatening.

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The Environment Agency is the national lead flood authority in England and is responsible for issuing flood warnings: Floodline: 0345 9881188. You can also find out on their website if your property/location is at risk of being flooded.

Lincolnshire County Council Highways is the Local Lead Flood Authority (LLFA) and West Lindsey District Council will be following their lead in a flooding emergency.

All incidents of flooding should be reported through to the Highways team as they have a duty under the Flood and Water Management Act 2010 Section 19 to investigate the source of flooding and provide a co-ordinated public response.

Sandbags will only be distributed as directed by the LLFA on a priority basis during a flooding event. Residents can be proactive and help themselves by obtaining sand/sandbags from builder’s merchants if they are concern about the possibility of being flooded.