Council Tax Guide 2024 to 2025 - Welton Parish Council

Published: 12 March 2024

The information contained in this leaflet shows how the money received from West Lindsey District Council will be spent.

Contained within the total amount to be spent by all Parish Councils in the West Lindsey District area is the sum of £213,013 which is required by Welton Parish Council for the 2024/25 Precept.

This is a 3.58% increase from 2023/24 in council tax for a Band D property (equivalent to a council tax charge of £130.25 for a Band D property).

The precept amount is further analysed below:

Welton Parish Council estimated expenditure, income and precept
Estimated Expenditure Value
Administration £139,500
Councillors Expenses £150
Library £5,170
Amenities & Services £20,000
Facilities & Recreation £76,500
Heritage & Events £11,800
Vehicle Costs £7,400
S137 expenses £100
Total Expenditure £260,620
Less Income £47,607
Precept Requested £213,013

In 2024, a Zip Wire and an inclusive Parent and Toddler swing will be installed in the play area at Manor Park, again with funding from West Lindsey District Council. We have an exciting year ahead with our first Music & Arts Festival, providing an opportunity for the community to come together.

The Parish Council recognises the requirement to maintain its financial reserves at recommended levels to ensure financial security against unforeseen circumstances.

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