Council Tax Guide 2024 to 2025 - Gainsborough Town Council

Published: 12 March 2024

The information contained in this leaflet shows how the money received from West Lindsey District Council will be spent.

Contained within the total amount to be spent by all Parish Councils in the West Lindsey District area is the sum of £645,316 which is required by Gainsborough Town Council for the 2024/25 precept. This is equivalent to a Parish Council Tax of £129.03 per Band D property.

The precept is further analysed below:

Gainsborough Town Council precept
Estimated Expenditure Value
Employee Costs £450,550
Administration £46,218
Grounds Maintenance £56,050
Richmond Park & House £47,905
Sports Grounds (Marshalls, Levellings) £50,683
Cemeteries (General Cemetery & North Warren Cemetery) £52,960
Play Areas (Levellings, Aisby Walk, Danes Road, Mayflower Close,
St Georges)
Allotments (Foxby Hill, Love Lane, North Warren, Showfield,
Spital Hill)
Public Realm (Street Furniture, War Memorial) £3,355
Events (Remembrance Sunday, Local Event Support) £4,300
Christmas Lights £28,600
Total Expenditure £893,978
Less Income £248,662
Less WLDC Contribution £100
Balance to be funded by Local Charge Payers £645,216

Gainsborough Town Council’s precept for the year 2024/25 is as itemised under the above headings. A 4.07% rise for next year’s Council Tax.

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