The use of enforcement agents

From 6 April 2014 the regulations regarding bailiffs have changed. Bailiffs are now known as enforcement agents and the fees they can charge will be due in three very distinct stages.

If your outstanding account has been passed to an enforcement agent you will be visited at your home because:

  • a liability order has been granted against you and:
  • you have either not paid the debt in full or are not adhering to an agreed repayment plan made with the Council Tax team

Once a debt is passed to the enforcement agent for collection the council cannot enter into any further arrangement for payment of that debt.

Instead, the enforcement agent will administer the case and will collect payment or take and sell your goods to pay the Council Tax and their costs. The enforcement agent will contact you directly and charge extra costs which are laid down by law.

Once an account has been passed to the enforcement agent a compliance fee of £75 will become due immediately.  If payment in full, plus the £75 fees have not been paid within 21 days a further enforcement fee of £235 will also become due.  Finally, if a controlled goods agreement is signed and goods have to be removed a further £110 will become due plus any other expenses associated with the sale such as auctioneer fees, storage fees etc.

Failure to pay Council Tax could result in additional enforcement agent fees totalling £420.

If the enforcement agent cannot collect the debt the case is returned to the council for further enforcement action.

To avoid your account being released to the enforcement agent and additional costs being added to your account contact the Council Tax team immediately to make an arrangement to pay.

Enforcement agencies

We currently use three enforcement agencies to collect Council Tax and these are Marston Holdings, Bristow and Sutor and Newlyn PLC.

contact | text | Marston Holdings

Marston Holdings

Marston Holdings

Wavell House

Holcombe Road





Telephone number for payments and enquiries: 0333 320 1822

24 hours automatic telephone payment line: 0333 320 1100


Website: Marston Holdings | Customer FAQs 

contact | text | Bristow and Sutor

Bristow and Sutor

Bristow and Sutor

Bartleet Road




B98 0FL

Telephone number for payments and enquiries: 0871 677 0070

Website: Bristow and Sutor

contact | text | Newlyn plc

Newlyn plc

Newlyn plc

3 Acorn Business Centre

Northarbour Road



Telephone: 01604 633001

Website:  Newlyn plc

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Council Tax

West Lindsey District Council
Marshall’s Yard
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