Empty property charges

Properties undergoing structural alteration or repair

From 1 April 2013, the government abolished the exemption previously given for properties undergoing structural alteration or repair (Class A) and gave local authorities the discretion to adopt their own discount. From 1 April 2013 a discount of 25% will be awarded for up to 12 months.

If you wish to apply for a discount because your property is undergoing either structural alteration or major repair please download, complete and return the structural repair application form as detailed.

Building Regulations approval

Please be aware that Building Regulations approval is required for most building works and renovation projects. As part of your Council Tax discount application we will pass your details on to Building Control. However, we also recommend that you contact them to find out if you need to apply for approval. You can also view our Building Control page for more information.

Properties that are empty and unfurnished

From 1 April 2013, you can receive as 100% discount for 2 months from the date that a property becomes empty and unfurnished. After two months you will no longer receive any discount and the full charge becomes payable.

Please note that this discount is awarded in respect of the property only and therefore tenants who vacate before the end of their tenancy may be entitled to some or all of this exemption.

The 6 week rule applies whereby a further discount cannot be applied for until the property has been occupied for a minimum of 6 weeks.

Properties that are empty and furnished

The discount on furnished properties, which are no-ones sole or main residence is 10%.

Long term empty property premium

Please see Long Term Empty Property Charge for details

Where an empty property would be the sole or main residence of a person were it not for the fact they must live in accommodation provided by the Ministry of Defence by reason of their employment, for example service personnel posted away from home the empty homes premium of 50% cannot be charged. These properties will be charged at 100% of the council tax whilst the property remains empty.

Empty annex

An empty homes premium cannot be charged where a dwelling which forms an annex in a property which is being used as part of the main residence or dwelling in that property. These properties will be charged at 100% of the council tax whilst the property remains empty.

Contact us if you think that any of the above applies.

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