Council Tax account enquiries

If you would like to make a general enquiry such as finding out how much you currently owe or requesting a copy of a bill, please contact us by using the Council Tax enquiry form

A bill is issued to the person(s) liable for payment, stating the instalments due, the method of payment and providing further financial information about the charge due.

The full Council Tax is made up of a property element (50%). The full charge assumes that there are two or more adults living at the address. If there is only one adult living there a discount of 25% may be claimed.

It is up to the Council Tax payer to apply for a discount when they first become entitled. This allows the claim to be checked by way of an inspection if we feel the need. As it is impossible to verify backdated claims we will not normally consider any backdating of a discount by more than a short period, unless there is a very good reason for failing to apply at the right time and evidence is provided to support the claim.

Temporary absences because someone is working away from home or taking extended holidays is not enough to give rise to a single person claim. In the case of partners, even when they have long absences because of work, the marital home is classed as their residence for Council Tax purpose.

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Who has to pay

Council Tax is usually paid by the owner occupier or the tenant of a property. Where there are two or more people who are joint owners or joint tenants, they are each responsible for paying.

Married couples, civil partners and people living together as a couple will be jointly liable for the bill while they both live at the property; this is the person or persons who come highest in the following list:

  • you own the freehold of the property
  • you hold the leasehold of the property
  • you are a tenant
  • you have some other right of occupation
  • you are a resident

In the following circumstances the owner of the property will be the person who has to pay:

  • houses in multiple occupation - this is usually properties divided into bedsits
  • dwellings occupied by resident staff
  • residential care homes
  • religious communities
  • asylum seekers


See our non-payment and recovery pages for details on how we deal with non-payment of Council Tax.

How to pay

See our Council Tax payment options page for details on how to pay your Council Tax.


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