Council raises flag to commemorate Armed Forces Day

People stood outside a flag pole commemorating Armed Forces Day

West Lindsey District Council raised a flag this morning to mark Armed Forces Day outside the Guildhall in Gainsborough. 

Chairman of the Council, Stephen Bunney opened the ceremony where he was accompanied by the RAF Air Cadets 203 Squadron; The Reverend David Cotton; Chief Executive Ian Knowles; and Customer Service Business Officer, Brad Bishell.

Stephen Bunney expressed his support and appreciation for the significant day. He said: 

“Armed Forces Day is an opportunity to do two things; Firstly, to raise public awareness of the contribution made to our country by those who serve, and have served, in His Majesty’s Armed Forces. 

“Secondly, it gives the nation an opportunity to show it’s support for the men and women who make up the Armed Forces community – from those currently serving and their families and from veterans to cadets.” 

Squadron Training Officer from the RAF Air Cadets, Lee Hayton said:

“Armed Forces Day is not just a celebration of our military’s strength and capability; it is a heartfelt acknowledgement of the dedication, bravery and sacrifice of our servicemen and women.

“From the skies above to the deepest oceans, from the arid deserts and to the forests, our armed forces have operated and continue to operate with unwavering commitment and professionalism to ensure our nation’s security and to uphold the values we hold dear.”

Customer Service Business Officer at West Lindsey District Council, Brad Bishell, read his own poem, he said:

“Under skies both tranquil and stormy, 

“They Keep vigil, tirelessly and calmly,

“With unwavering strength and resolute stance,

“They safeguard our land, steadfast in their vigilance.”

“Through battles fierce and trails vast,

“Their courage holds, unwavering, steadfast,

“For every heartbeat that thrives in peace,

“They commit their all, they never cease.”

“For the cherished freedoms we hold dear,

“They sacrifice, ensuring we live without fear,

“Their noble creed, a testament to their might, 

“They rise to help those in need, day and night.”

“Today we pause to honour and commend,

“Those who confront the fire, those who defend, 

“With gratitude profound, we celebrate their ways,

“With our respect, and our displays.”

“On this day, we remember and reflect, 

“On the tales their valiant deeds project, 

“With solemn pride, we stand convey,

“Our heartfelt thanks to our heroes, on Armed Forces Day.”

For more information about Armed Forces Day visit here.

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