Rugby club house fitted with solar panels thanks to community funding

Cllr John Barrett, Ian Wilkinson (club General Manager), Cllr Frazer Brown stood outside Lincoln Rugby FC's ground

Community funding from West Lindsey District Council has enabled solar panels to be fitted to Lincoln Rugby FC’s club house in Nettleham.

The solar panels were fitted thanks to the £20,000 community grant and will help towards reducing the club’s electricity bills.

District Councillors John Barrett and Frazer Brown have been working with LRFC in Nettleham to assist them in securing funding for the project.

A further £500 was also awarded from the Councillor Initiative Fund to help towards the repair of the patio area to the rear of the club house.

Cllr Barrett said: 

“Lincoln Rugby FC is a huge benefit to the community of Nettleham and we’re delighted to be able to support them through the council’s Community Grant Scheme and the Councillors Initiative Fund.”

Cllr Brown echoed Cllr Barrett’s comments and added: 

“We are proud to have Lincoln Rugby FC here in Nettleham and it’s great to see how it also benefits the whole county. We’re pleased to be able to fund the projects.”

LFRC is based on Lodge Lane, Nettleham and caters for people aged five and upwards. There are different types of training available for people to keep fit and for those wanting to play competitively.

The Community Grant Scheme is funded by the UK Government’s UK Shared Prosperity Fund and Rural England Prosperity Fund.

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