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The recent Mental Health Awareness Week (13 to 19 May), brought to light the topic of mental health and how important it is to discuss it without feeling shame or fear. Mental Health is an important part of your wellbeing and if neglected, can also have a negative impact on your physical health. 

Wellbeing Lincs often gets customers that may be feeling stressed, anxious, or depressed due to a certain situation or are struggling with their mental health for a number of different reasons. Wellbeing Lincs can provide support to these customers by helping them access other pathways and navigate through all the available resources and services that can address their mental health issues.

Mental Health and Wellbeing is one of the service’s key outcome areas. In 2022/23, 1,292 customers requested help from Wellbeing Lincs in this area. A total of 292 customers were supported to address mental health conditions and/or other issues, and 959 customers were supported to achieve improved emotional wellbeing and/or personal resilience - 96% of Wellbeing customers achieved their goal.

You can start to improve your own mental health by being active. The NHS reports that over two thirds of people in England felt their mood boosted after doing physical activity regularly. It also found that less than half of people in England are aware that physical activity can reduce symptoms of anxiety. By staying active, you are improving both your physical and mental health. If you are not currently physically active on a regular basis, start out small and build up from there, based on how much you can manage. You can also try to make physical activity fun by doing something you like that keeps you active at the same time. This could even be an activity you might want to do with family and friends.

If you feel you need additional support from Wellbeing Lincs to help manage your mental health and other aspects of your wellbeing, you can refer yourself into the service by calling 01522 782140.

Please also visit our website at to view our eligibility criteria. If you think you need additional support with anxiety and/or depression, you can refer yourself to Lincolnshire Talking Therapies, a free service provided by Lincolnshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, using this link: Home :: steps2change Lincolnshire (

You can also visit Shine Lincolnshire to find additional support for your mental health here: Support - Shine ( and a list of useful contacts for further help here: Adults - Shine (

If you are ever struggling during the evening, when GP practices and community mental health teams are less readily available, you can visit a Night Light Café, funded by NHS England.

Visit this link for more information: Night Light Cafés :: Lincolnshire Partnership NHS Trust (

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