Council launches big bin hire service for residents

Photograph of one of our big bins

West Lindsey District Council has launched a new service aimed at providing residents with a convenient solution for managing excess waste.

For those residents who need to have a major clear out or a big ‘Spring Clean’ and cannot feasibly get to the Household Recycling Centre – then this new service could be just for you.

Starting this month (April), residents will have the option to hire large, wheeled bins for a period of one week for general waste items. This service is exclusively for householders and is not intended for commercial waste.

Cllr Emma Bailey, Vice-Chair of the Prosperous Communities Committee at West Lindsey District Council welcomed the news. She said: 

“I am so pleased to introduce this innovative service, which will help provide residents with a convenient solution for managing excess waste. 

“This is really useful if you have too much waste to take to your local Household Waste Recycling Centre but not quite enough to hire a big skip. Also, not everyone has access to a car to take their waste to a household waste recycling centre, so many people will welcome this opportunity. This initiative reflects our commitment to meeting the evolving needs of our community while promoting responsible waste management practices.”

There’s a choice of two bin sizes, both available for 1 week’s hire

  • 1100 litre bin at £60.00 
  • 660 litre bin at £50.00
  • For comparison, a standard household black bin is 180 litres

For your convenience, you can select your preferred delivery date within a 48-hour slot (based on current availability). 

Please note that you must have somewhere suitable for the bin to be sited within your property boundary to make use of this service, as bins cannot be left on footpaths or other public areas.

Cllr Bailey explained that the service is designed for general waste items and not aimed at recyclable materials.

She added: 

“We continue to encourage residents to prioritize reuse and recycling whenever possible. Our recycling bins at home, charity shops, and Household Waste Recycling Centres remain valuable resources for reducing waste and promoting sustainability.”

It is important to note that certain items are excluded from this service, including:

  • Tyres
  • Hazardous waste
  • Electrical items. 
  • Detailed information on the new large bin hire service, including terms and conditions, can be found here - Big Bin Clear Out Service 

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