Skills study highlights opportunities for businesses to strengthen workforce in West Lindsey

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A new skills study commissioned by West Lindsey District Council provides valuable insights and recommendations for businesses operating in the district.

The study funded by UK Shared Prosperity Fund (UKSPF) was conducted by SkillsReach Ltd found ‘notable strengths and growth potential’ in sectors such as manufacturing, health, care, and wellbeing but identified skills shortages. 

To maximise the area’s potential the study explored opportunities where employers, education and skills providers and community organisations can work together to deliver positive outcomes.

This includes:

  • Building upon the potential of local sector employer clusters (e.g., Engineering / Healthcare), promoting accessible longer-term career opportunities to residents.
  • Support local areas, particularly Gainsborough to improve employment and skills outcomes for community and economic development. 
  • Support the local workforce to reskill or upskill for new roles that will emerge in the future around Agri-Tech, Fusion, the Green Economy etc and local young people to recognise accessible career opportunities and the learning pathways to reach them.
  • Become established as a work location of choice for local and in-commuting people.
  • Seek creative solutions to stubborn barriers such as travel and transport and the lack of vocational provision in-district. 

Cllr Lesley Rollings, Chair of the Prosperous Communities Committee at the Council welcomed the findings of the report. She said: 

“This much-needed comprehensive skills study gives us a detailed picture of the local skills landscape in West Lindsey. 

“We have worked with around ninety stakeholders on the study including, employers, education and skills providers and community organisations as this is an issue that affects the whole community.

“By addressing the skills gaps, enhancing accessibility to training, and fostering collaboration, businesses can contribute to the economic vitality of West Lindsey and ensure sustainable growth.

“We will share this information with our partners, training providers, businesses and investors to help them understand the employment and skills priorities for the district.” 

The report encourages businesses to explore opportunities aligned with the district's low carbon agenda framework to capitalize on emerging trends and market demands. This is aimed at businesses operating in high demand sectors such as healthcare and wellbeing, manufacturing, engineering, and the visitor economy.

Amanda Bouttell, Senior Projects, and Growth Officer - Employment and Skills at West Lindsey District Council, welcomed the findings.

She said: 

“The skills study emphasises the importance of employers investing in training and development programs to address the skills shortages and equip employees with the necessary competencies to drive business growth. We hope the study provides businesses with a robust evidence base which they can use in the future to inform decision making around investment in training and skills development. 

“Local authorities like West Lindsey District Council also have a significant role to play in collaboration with educational institutions, and community organisations to address geographical disparities and ensure equal access to opportunities across the district.”

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