Boat trips in Lincolnshire spark wave of new inventions for local business

People on a boat toasting wine glasses st down at a table. Marine Innovations LTD logo is in the top right corner

Burton Waters in West Lindsey has become a breeding ground for creative business ideas as couple use their imagination to design new products for boats.

Inspired by their own sailing trips, Bradley and Rachel Davis, owners of the Marine Innovations business, design and manufacture a range of products.

The business was launched at the beginning of 2023 at the Southampton International Boat Show and is based in West Lindsey.

Rachel and Bradley moved to Lincolnshire as an opportunity to re-evaluate their lives and start something new. Not knowing Lincolnshire at all, they put a pin in the map, moved to Burton Waters and bought their own boat, ‘Fairline Sprint.’ 

Having spent time on their own boat they realised that life on board could be so much easier and enjoyable with the addition of new products - so, they set about creating them! 

Rachel said the new innovations have changed the way they enjoy their boat, from both a pleasure perspective and a safety perspective. She said: 

“Bradley has always been an inventor so he will often come back from a boat trip on the Fossdyke and start designing a new invention.”

Their inventions include:

  • The Boat Bar
  • The Rope Looper
  • The Fender Slider
  • Thermal Engine Blanket

Bradley said: 

“Our aim with all these inventions has been to bring relevant new ideas to what is a brilliant leisure activity, using the highest quality materials and making them as affordable as possible to everyone. All our products are manufactured in the UK and where possible through local companies in Lincolnshire.”

The business has recently partnered with a local business in Saxilby, Callow Retail, which is now the official UK distributor of the Marine Innovations products.

“It has been exciting to collaborate with them. Our products can now be found on Amazon, eBay, and Callow Retail's own website,” added Rachel.

The success of the business has prompted the couple to expand across industries and they are currently looking for a medical company take on their new product.

They have created the StomaBuddy, which is a medical device helping people who wear stoma bags. Rachel said: 

“We were out one evening with a friend of ours who had recently been fitted with a stoma bag. It constantly distracted them, worried that it would burst (which it had done a few times previously). 

“We told them they should get an alarm for it, and we could not believe it when they said they did not exist. Bradley came home that evening and immediately started to research alarms for stoma bags, and we could not believe that nothing like this existed. So, we set about inventing one!”

The device hangs over the stoma bag and is powered by a small watch battery. As the bag inflates an elastic cord stretches over the bag and activates a small pad which goes in the person's pocket and vibrates discretely, thus sending a warning that the bag needs emptying.

“We are looking for a medical company to take on this product so that we can start to make a difference to many more peoples' lives but if one does not come forward then we will look to go into full production ourselves in 2024, added Rachel.

Cllr Lesley Rollings, Chair of the Prosperous Communities Committee said she was fascinated to hear about the company and the products it makes. She said: 

“It is fantastic to hear about products designed right here in the district and distributed by local businesses. The couple behind it all are truly inspiring. As someone enthusiastic about leisure activities and exploring, inventions like those produced by this company can truly enhance the experience of enjoying Lincolnshire’s waterways. It is a double advantage!”

For more information, visit Marine Innovations.

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