Review of council tax discount in West Lindsey

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People receiving a single person discount on their council tax are being asked to check if they are still eligible to claim the reduction.  

The call comes as West Lindsey District Council undertakes a review to check existing discount claims to ensure they still apply and are not being claimed by mistake or fraudulently.

Residents can get a 25% discount on your bill if there is only one person aged 18 or over living at the same address, but any change to these circumstances needs to be reported to ensure people are paying the correct amount of council tax.

As part of the review, which has already begun, the council will compare its records to those held by a credit reference agency. Letters will be sent out to residents if the data matching has identified that there may be another adult living in the property. 

The council has a duty to ensure that where a discount is awarded there is a genuine entitlement.

Leader of the council and Chairman of the Policy and Resources Committee, Cllr Trevor Young, said it was important people receiving the letter responded as soon as possible. He said:

“This discount is strictly only provided to those living in a property on their own, and anyone in this situation is free to continue claiming this reduction. Sometimes it can be easy to forget to inform us of any changes, but if your circumstances do change, you have to inform the council immediately. 

“Anyone found to be deliberately misleading West Lindsey District Council could face a fine of up to £70 on top of further legal action and increased payments.”

Residents receiving letters have 14 days to complete and submit the single person council tax discount review form. If forms aren’t completed in that time the council will assume circumstances have changed and that entitlement to the discount has ended. 

For further details visit the council’s Single Person Discount Review page

If you wish to speak to someone about your form, please contact West Lindsey District Council on 01427 366017

For the latest news on West Lindsey District Council visit our council news pages

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