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West Lindsey District Council is working closely with partners across Lincolnshire to provide services and support for people who are at risk of domestic abuse.

A range of services that you can access

Violence against Women and Girls

Partners across Lincolnshire are dedicated and striving towards ending violence towards women and girls. There is a Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG) voices group, which you can join, as well as further information on the Lincolnshire Police Violence against women and girls webpages

Lincolnshire Domestic Abuse Specialist Service

This service provides training on how to become a domestic abuse champion by working closely with partners and agencies in establishing survivor groups. Visit the Lincolnshire Domestic Abuse Specialist Service website for more information. 

Surviving Economic Abuse

95% of domestic abuse cases involve economic abuse. When abusers limit access to money, it can make it difficult to leave. Follow the link to a national charity who provide support and resources for those experiencing economic abuse - visit the Surviving Economic Abuse website

Friends Against Scams

Part of an abuser’s tactics can be to control aspects of your life you may not see. Being a victim of fraud, scams and financial abuse can destroy parts of victims’ lives, including their home, health, employment and relationships. Visit the Friends Against Scams website for more information. 

Clare’s Law

The Domestic Violence Disclosure Scheme (Clare's Law) allows you to ask the police to share information they hold about your partner or ex-partner that could put you at risk. Find out more on the Lincolnshire Police Clares Law webpage.

Reducing Parental Conflict

Knowing the difference between whether your relationship is abusive, or whether you are just going through a rough patch, is important on reducing conflict and issues in a child’s household. Support and advice is available. Visit the Lincolnshire County Council Reducing parental conflict webpages to find out more. 


Galop is the UK’s LGBT+ anti-abuse charity. Domestic Abuse can include targeting your sexual orientation or gender identity. 61% of LGBT+ survivors did not seek support from services following a particular instance of abuse by a family member or a partner/ex-partner. Support is out there! Visit the Galop website for more information, or contact LGBT+ Domestic Abuse Helpline on 0800 999 5428


Signhealth is a national charity that works to improve the health and wellbeing of deaf people. The Crime Survey for England and Wales ending March 2022 noted that 4% of adults without a disability experienced domestic abuse, and this more than doubled for those who have a disability. Visit the Signhealth website for more information. 


Children are now recognised in legislation as victims of domestic abuse. Out of 90 students, who made a disclosure during Stay Safe Days in Lincolnshire, 53% experienced domestic abuse. If you are concerned for a child in Lincolnshire, you can call children's safeguarding on 01522 782111. There is also the Here4you advice and self-referral helpline for young people which runs 24/7 - 0800 234 6342


Domestic Abuse doesn’t just affect people. Pets become part of the abusive tactics used by abusers, to coerce and control those experiencing domestic abuse. Almost 9 in 10 professionals have seen cases where a pet has also been abused. Visit the Oasis Domestic Abuse and Pets webpage for more information on tactics used and services available for support. 

Karma Nirvana

Honour-based abuse is a crime or incident committed to protect or defend the 'honour' of a family or community. Those that experience honour-based abuse are 7 times more likely to have multiple abusers. Karma Nirvana have supported 2,346 victims of honour-based abuse in the year 2022/23. Visit the Karma Nirvana website for more information or call the UK Helpline on 0800 5999 247

Female Genital Mutilation

Female Genital Mutilation is an illegal practice on women and girls to remove parts/all of the external female genitalia. The National FGM Centre, established in 2015 aims to achieve a system change in the provision of services for children and their families who are affected by Female Genital Mutilation. Visit the National FGM Centre website for more information. 

Suzy Lamplugh Trust

Being stalked has a huge impact on an individual and it can result in death. The Suzy Lamplugh Trust is the UK's pioneering personal safety charity and leading stalking authority. Visit the Suzy Lamplugh Trust, what we do webpage to learn more about the authority and what they do. 

Hollie Guard App

Hollie Guard is a personal safety app that can help protect you and your loved ones. Using the Hollie Guard app means you are supporting the Hollie Gazzard Trust, set up following the murder of Hollie by an ex-partner. Visit the Hollie Guard website for more information.

Andy’s Man Club

Men can be victims of domestic abuse too. Men make up 75% of suicide deaths. Andy’s Man Club is a national charity which looks to support men. Visit the Andy’s Man Club website for more information.

Man Kind

If there is a male in your life that you suspect is living in an abusive environment, talk to them. Ask if something is wrong, express your concerns, listen and validate them, support their decisions and encourage them to access services. Visit the Man Kind website for more information.


One in six older people are victims of abuse. That’s over 16% of our mothers, fathers, uncles, aunties, grannies, grandads, friends and neighbours. The Hourglass mission is to end the harm, abuse and exploitation of older people in the UK. Visit the Hourglass website for more information.

Lincolnshire Rural Support Network

Living in a rural area like Lincolnshire can result in isolation which makes abuse more likely to become unnoticed. LRSN is a volunteer-led organisation that provides pastoral and practical support to Lincolnshire's farming and horticultural communities during periods of anxiety, stress, and problems relating to their families and businesses. Follow the Lincolnshire Rural Support Network website for more information.

Ask for ANI

Ask for ANI (Action Needed Immediately) is a codeword scheme that enables victims of domestic abuse to discreetly ask for immediate help in participating pharmacies and Jobcentres. The scheme was developed by the Home Office with the help of partners including the domestic abuse sector, pharmacy associations and the police, and is now managed by Hestia’s UK Says No More campaign. Over 5,000 pharmacies, including Boots, Lloyds and community pharmacies, are now enrolled in the scheme. Visit the Ask for ANI Guide pages on GOV.UK for more information.


Lincolnshire is a diverse county and it is key to embrace different cultures. If someone is experiencing domestic abuse and they have a limited understanding of services available, this can lead to further isolation and dependency on the abuser. LEAN, which stands for ‘Lincoln Embracing All Nations’, supports a range of culturally diverse people living in Lincoln and celebrates the wonderful diversity of the city. ​Follow the LEAN website for more information. 

Domestic Abuse Lincolnshire

1 in 4 women, 1 in 6 children and 1 in 20 men are sexually abused in their lifetime. Support services in Lincolnshire are available for both individuals and businesses. At the Lincolnshire Domestic Abuse Partnership, support is available for businesses with training, understanding and ensuring you have the right information and policies in place to support employees and the community. Visit the Domestic Abuse Lincolnshire website for more information.

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