Europe’s largest antiques centre joins council’s commercial waste service

New client for our commercial waste collection

Hemswell Antique Centre is the latest company to join West Lindsey District Council’s Commercial Waste Service.

The centre, based at Hemswell Cliff, was once part of RAF Hemswell, which was the home of the Lancaster Bomber during the Second World War. It now offers a wonderful mix of antiques and collectables from bygone times.

They will now benefit from a value for money, reliable and environmentally friendly service by switching to the council’s commercial waste and recycling collection service.

Switching to the council's service will support Hemswell Antique Centre in improving its sustainability and reducing its carbon footprint. Increased recycling and diversion of waste from landfill is aligned with the council's ambitious goal to reach carbon neutrality before 2050. Partnerships like this represent important steps on the path to curbing climate change and protecting the planet for future generations to come.

Paul Dagg, Operations Director for Hemswell Antique Centre, said:

“Antiques themselves are incredibly environmentally friendly – for example, industry studies have shown that an antique chest of drawers will have just one twelfth of the carbon footprint of its modern-day counterpart.

“It is essential that every part of our business is consistent with the same green credentials as the items we sell, and partnering locally is an important part of that strategy. We are thrilled to be working with West Lindsey District Council, trusting their proven record in waste management to help us become more sustainable, whilst keeping our costs low.”

As more businesses opt for our waste solutions, West Lindsey District Council moves closer to reaching its net zero targets sooner and increasing the chances of success in the worldwide fight against climate change.

Cllr Stephen Bunney, Chairman of West Lindsey District Council, welcomed the council’s newest customer to its Commercial Waste Solutions.

He said:

“It is great to see businesses such as this signing up to the service along with more than 500 other customers in the West Lindsey area. The Council is a recognised brand, and we have a strong track record of collecting waste and recycling. 

“As a Council, we are striving to become carbon neutral by 2050. We are leading the way by offering customers bins for general waste, mixed recycling and dedicated bins for paper and cardboard.

“Hemswell Antique Centre opting to use our service demonstrates their commitment and trust in us to recycle as much of their waste as possible, helping to reach our overall target.”

All mixed recycling is taken to MID UK Recycling who run two fully accredited recycling processing plants in Lincolnshire. Items are processed at their state-of-the-art Materials Recovery Facility, with any recyclable materials that are extracted being supplied to re-processors.

Separate paper and cardboard is taken to Palm Paper in Kings Lynn, which is one of the leading companies in the European paper recycling industry. It’s paper mills produce high-quality newsprint and corrugated packaging products.

Elaine Bilton, Waste Policy and Commercial Waste Lead Officer at West Lindsey District Council, said:

“We are very pleased to welcome Hemswell Antique Centres onto our service. We shall be providing them with bins for general waste, mixed recycling and dedicated bins for paper and cardboard at two of their sites at Hemswell Cliff.

“Our service will help Hemswell Antique Centre become more environmentally sustainable by separating out more of their recycling and for this to be processed more effectively.”

If you would like to find out more about our service, visit our website: Commercial Waste or call 01427 675124

For more information about Hemswell Antique Centres visit their web page: Hemswell Antique Centre 

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