Behind the Business: Meet Michelle from Blossom and Best

Blossom and Best

Blossom and Best is a business based in Gainsborough that makes and sells disability friendly clothing and accessories. It was founded by Michelle Best after accommodating her own family’s needs and has since grown from strength to strength.

Michelle’s hard work and determination paid off when she won the ‘Young Innovator’s Award’ from Innovate UK and the Princes Trust in 2021. She said: “It gave me belief that the sky’s the limit as the demand for special, sustainable clothing is increasing.”

Michelle’s first innovation ‘Magic Pants’, created for her daughter Yasmin, was a great success, and she was sure she couldn’t be the only child who would benefit from them.

Magic Pants are designed for children who have accidents or long-term medical conditions that cause incontinence. As well as being super-absorbent, they're much less bulky and more attractive than 'pull-ups', helping to boost confidence and reduces anxiety.

Michelle received such positive feedback and has since led to further commissions in to other types of specialist disability clothing. She is also working on redesigning and getting Magic Pants ready for a second launch later this year.

One of the things Michelle loves most about her work is discovering new fabrics and sourcing materials that are not only kind to bodies, but also to the environment. All her products are handmade, and all fabrics are certified as being made sustainable and free of any chemicals.

She said: “The most rewarding part of my work is when I make a parent’s life less stressful, and give comfort and confidence to a child.” 

All the products Michelle creates have the customer and their condition at the heart. She now sells products for most types of disabilities, visible and invisible, to make life easier and comfortable. These include peg feeding accessories, catheter bag covers, braille items, incontinence accessories and much more. She is also able to take on custom product designs and alternations.

She said: “They certainly can’t all be solved with clothes, but if my designs make someone’s day a little bit easier, or spark a moment of joy, or a sense of calm, then that’s my work done”.

Michelle’s creative talent also spans in to her hobbies and when she has the time, does cross stitch or diamond art. She also likes to do arts and crafts with her children and she makes her own clothes.

“I don’t get much time for these but I do try to do something a little bit a week. This helps my mental health and allows me to take a break and stops me burning out.”

To find out more about Blossom and Best They sell on Etsy, and for regular updates follow Blossom and Best on Facebook and Instagram.

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