Council given 'high assurance' for flood management and 'value for money'

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West Lindsey District Council has received two high rated assurances in its annual audit report for 2022.

Value for Money services and Flood Management were both given the top rating by inspectors from Assurance Lincolnshire, who submitted their findings to the Governance and Audit Committee.

Inspectors provided a high level of assurance that we take all reasonable steps to achieve Value for Money in the delivery of services. Specifically, in the following areas:  

  • high-risk areas of identification and implications of financial pressures
  • maintaining appropriate standards for Members and officers  
  • evaluating services to identify areas for improvement

They found a number of examples of good practice including; clear processes for budget setting, consultation, detailed value for money strategy hand book and detailed annual business planning.

We were also given a high level of assurance that its arrangements to manage flood risk are operating effectively and its statutory duties are being fulfilled. A number of good practices were identified as part of the audit including:

  • a clear understanding of the key legislation and our statutory duties and responsibilities relating to flooding
  • Lincolnshire Resilience forum (LRF) emergency response process and protocols are robust, well-practiced and responsibilities clear
  • a high-profile Lincolnshire Multi agency flood training exercise within which we will have key involvement

The report has been published on our website and has been reviewed by our Governance and Audit Committee.

Chairman of the Governance and Audit Committee Councillor John McNeill, welcomed the findings from the annual audit report. He said:

“I am delighted with the findings from the recent audit review. In particular the Value for Money and the Flood Management audits. I hope the latter will reassure residents and business that we are proactively engaging and working with other risk management authorities and Lincolnshire County Council as the lead local flood authority. This collaborative work means that we are able to manage and mitigate risks within our district.”

A total of 6 audit reviews were carried out between May 2022 and September 2022, four audits received substantial assurance. The audits were carried out in the following areas:

  • Value for Money – High Assurance
  • Flood Management – High Assurance
  • Key control and ERP – Substantial Assurance
  • ICT Disaster Recovery – Substantial Assurance
  • ICT Helpdesk Follow up – Substantial Assurance
  • ICT Cloud Services – Substantial Assurance

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