Over one hundred and fifty local residents got creative at The Annual Festival of Drawing

A mother and daughter holding up the lanterns they have created

Over one hundred and fifty local residents of all ages joined us at Sweet Caroline’s in Gainsborough for the Big Draw on Saturday.

From 10am until 4pm an annual festival of drawing, which takes place in towns and cities all over the world, took place in West Lindsey. And what a huge success it was.

Our first aspiring artist of the Day was 7-year-old Amy, who walked through the doors at exactly 10am! Amy’s father informed us that she couldn’t wait to get down to Sweet Caroline’s, insisting from 8am that “The Big Draw is today” and that she did not want to be late! Well done to Amy’s Dad for getting her here precisely on time!  

Townscape Heritage Activity Co-ordinator, Theresa Workman, was the organiser of the event and said:

“We are delighted that so many people managed to join us as part of this fantastic festival.”

“We have some brilliants drawings to choose from for the new window illustrations for Gainsborough Heritage Centre, which was a fantastic opportunity for our local residents.”

Those that joined us on the day also had the opportunity to create some wonderful lanterns for the Illuminate Guided Walk which forms part of our Illuminate event which is set to return on Saturday 26 November 2022.  

Mia, who currently studies Art at Lincoln College, attended the event with friends June and Muriel they said

“it’s been a wonderful day for all ages and it is absolutely marvellous to have something like this in the town, especially for children. We have really enjoyed creating our lanterns today”.  

We also had our first mother and daughter lantern-duo of the day, Sarah and 7-year-old Lily joined us and got creative, saying “it’s been a fantastic day and we’ve not even had to drive for a morning out!”. The pair joined us in 2021 for our Illuminate event, and are very excited to join us again on 26 November.  

This free event, as well as the Townscape Heritage projects, was made possible by Gainsborough’s Townscape Heritage Initiative which is funded by the National Lottery Heritage Fund, and also by the Arts Fund. We would like to thank all players of the National Lottery.

For more information about out Townscape Heritage Initiative visit our Townscape Heritage Initiative webpages

image gallery | The Annual Festival of Drawing

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