Annual audit confirms that West Lindsey District Council is performing well

Outside the Guildhall in Gainsborough

West Lindsey District Council has received a high rated assurance in its annual audit report for 2021-22.

Inspectors from Assurance Lincolnshire carried out reviews into the governance, risk, internal controls and financial controls of West Lindsey District Council. We were found to be performing well in three areas with no significant concerns that would impact the council delivering its priorities.

Audit reviews across the financial control areas continues to provide positive assurance for the council. The most recent audits for all of these have provided High and Substantial assurances particularly in Housing Benefit Subsidy, Grants Awarded and Value for Money.

The full report, which has been published on our website, is based on the work auditors undertook and information from other sources of assurance, which gave the following opinion:

“For the twelve months ended 31 March 2022 the Council's arrangements for governance, risk management and control framework have continued to be strong.”

We were rated as "performing adequately" with regards to internal controls. Some improvements are required to manage a significant governance issue or high risk in a specific business area.

The Governance and Audit Committee regularly review the governance framework and consider the draft and final versions of the Annual Governance Statement.

Chairman of the Governance and Audit Committee Councillor John McNeill, welcomed the findings from the annual audit report. He said:

“It has been another challenging year for the council – responding, supporting and recovering from the pandemic. However, it is reassuring to have independent inspectors assess our systems and processes and to give us a high rating assurance.

“Our staff have continued to work effectively during this time both remotely and more latterly in a hybrid way – with staff working at home and in the office. Therefore, to still be in a ‘strong’ position’ as described by audit, is a fantastic achievement. I would like to thank our staff for their continued hard work and professionalism.

I would also like to express my gratitude to members of the Governance and Audit Committee, whose role is to ensure that the council’s arrangements are working effectively throughout the year.”

We will be preparing for all out elections in May 2023 and will ensure a robust member induction plan is carried out following this.

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