Residents praised as almost 87% of all recycling bins presented were emptied!

Photograph of the different kinds of wheelie bins in West Lindsey.

West Lindsey District Council has praised residents after a successful first cycle of blue recycling bin collections!

Figures show that a staggering 86.8 per cent of all blue bins presented at the kerbside, since Monday 2 May 2022, contained the right items and they were all emptied.

It follows an awareness campaign led by West Lindsey District Council and the Lincolnshire Waste Partnership highlighting what items can go into each bin as part of the twin recycling scheme.

Leader of West Lindsey District Council Councillor Owen Bierley was delighted with how the first blue bin collections have gone since the change was introduced.

He said:

“I would like to again thank the residents of West Lindsey for their hard work and support regarding our new twin recycling scheme. Figures like these show that with everyone’s support we can make a great step forward in improving the quality of our recycling and support our environment.

“We understand that such a change can be quite challenging, but please keep up the good work and continue to put the right thing in the right bin.”  

Council staff have been out and about checking bins and talking to residents when they have seen items not suitable for the blue bin recycling. This has helped people to understand what can and cannot go in their bins.  

As a result, and due to the diligence of our residents, an impressive 204.18 tonnes of recyclable material were collected in the first blue bin cycle. The quality of the material collected has also significantly improved.

Councillor Daniel McNally, executive councillor for waste at Lincolnshire County Council, said:

“All councils are working together to make our recycling as clean and high quality as possible and avoid contamination by food and other items. It’s working – 99% of the materials we send to the paper mill from the purple-lidded bins are being recycled – much higher than when we collected all the recycling together in one bin.”

As previously reported, the Lincolnshire Waste Partnership has a countywide mission to roll out the new scheme across the whole of Lincolnshire by 2024. So far West Lindsey is the third local authority to roll out a new twin stream recycling collection, following Boston Borough Council and North Kesteven District Council.

Going forward, the we will not empty bins with incorrect items including paper and card as it continues its campaign to reduce contamination of its recycling materials.

The following items, clean and squashed, can go in your blue recycling bin :

  • cans
  • plastic bottles
  • glass bottles and jars
  • metal cans and tins
  • foil
  • aerosols
  • cleaning product bottles
  • toiletry bottles
  • plastic pots
  • tubs and trays
  • cartons
  • bottle lid tops

However, the following items cannot go in:

  • paper and cardboard
  • soft plastics such as film and crisp packets
  • food pouches
  • plastic bags
  • batteries or electrical items
  • polystyrene
  • clothes and textiles
  • hard plastics such as old toys, plant pots and black or brown plastic food trays

Waste that is placed in black bins is sent to the Energy from Waste plant at North Hykeham where it’s turned into clean electricity and fed back to the grid.

Residents are also reminded that no side waste will be taken from any of the waste collections in West Lindsey.

For more information on what goes in the right bin, please refer to your Right Thing, Right Bin leaflet [pdf download], or visit our A to Z of waste disposal.

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