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Rand Farm Nursery and Preschool Press Release

Photograph showing some of the facilities at Rand Farm Preschool and Nursery.
Photograph showing some of the facilities at Rand Farm Preschool and Nursery.

The following is a press release from Joshua Waring — Company Director of Rand Farm Nursery and Preschool.

“The Rand Farm Park Day Nursery and Preschool opened in September 2019 in the heart of Rand Farm Park.

The nursery building is situated in the farmhouse where, as a family, we lived for 25 years. As a child I was fortunate to grow up on a working farm where I often helped Mum and Dad with farm jobs like cleaning out animal pens, collecting eggs from the hens and preparing food for the animals.

It gives me an immense amount of pride to see the children at the nursery growing up around the animals, caring for them, learning about the environment and where their food comes from.

In the 36 months of being open, we’ve been awarded a Top 20 Award by Day Nurseries which recognises the Top 20 Nurseries in the East Midlands, and in 2021 we were rated the number 1 Nursery in Lincolnshire based on parent’s reviews.

Alongside our accolades we’ve welcomed more children to the nursery and, at the end of 2021, introduced an exciting new initiative for the children: Mini Farmers.

Mini Farmers is an additional activity that our preschool children undertake, which sees them take responsibility for some of the daily farm jobs, just like I had when I was child.

From collecting eggs in the morning and passing them over to the onsite chef ready for lunch, preparing vegetables for the donkeys and small animals in the afternoon and even hosting an incubator to help bring new life into the world from their nursery room. They also take regular trips on the tractor and trailer to the local woods to experience and explore nature.

With the growing popularity of the nursery, in the summer of 2021 we started to build a new purpose built preschool, which has allowed us to almost double our total childs capacity, create over ten new jobs for the local community and provide work for Lincolnshire businesses throughout the building process.

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This May, prospective parents can take a tour of the individual nursery rooms during enrolment week. To celebrate the opening of the new preschool build, parents who sign up in this week can also receive four weeks free childcare.”

Joshua Waring – Company Director

If you have any queries or would like to arrange a visit of the new Pre-School room, please contact Jack on or 07469 926 881


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