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Council approves key economic recovery plan!

West Lindsey District Council Economic Recovery Plan 2021-2024 banner

West Lindsey District Council’s Economic Recovery Plan was approved by councillors at the Prosperous Communities Committee.

The plan will drive economic revival and inclusive growth that will benefit our residents, businesses and communities, providing a clear renewed sustainable focus for the district. Encouraging investment, supporting businesses, developing growth and employment opportunities and harnessing the potential of green recovery are the underpinning principles of our recovery strategy.

Chairman of the Prosperous Communities Committee at the Council, Cllr Owen Bierley supported the plan. He said: “Covid is still with us and we will have to learn to live with it for the foreseeable future. The pandemic has changed the way we live our lives and the way businesses operate.  West Lindsey District Council provided a comprehensive package of support including distributing £32 million in government grants and supported businesses as they navigated their way through the pandemic.

“This plan wants to build on what we have learnt and achieved over the last 18 months and seize new opportunities that can create a more resilient and sustainable economic environment.”

The plan is based on the following key themes:

Green Recovery, Business Environment, Regeneration and Levelling Up, Key Sector Development, Infrastructure (Physical and Digital), Supporting People and Skills.

Assistant Director for Planning and Regeneration, Sally Grindrod-Smith explained that the Economic Recovery Plan is a key strategic document, which is complementary to other Council’s strategies policies and plans, closely aligned with the West Lindsey Corporate Plan and it will set the foundations for the next Council’s Economic Growth Strategy.

She said: “It sets out a road map to rebuild and stabilise the economy from the impact of the pandemic. As a Council, despite the restrictions imposed by Covid-19 and the national lockdowns, we have continued to deliver high quality services to our residents and business community.

“Now we need to look forward and this plan will inform our way towards long term recovery and economic growth centred around inclusiveness, sustainability and resilience.”

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