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Children’s Historic Hat Competition

Merrye Market Stalls (Drawing)

The Gainsborough Townscape Heritage Initiative would like to invite your pupils to take part in an exciting historic hat competition to be judged on Saturday 26 June at a fun-filled public event called the ‘Merrye Olde Market of Lord Street’. 

Every child who comes along wearing their hat will receive an instant prize, and judges will award a super first prize to the child with the best hat at 1.30pm.

The competition is open to any child of primary school age. 

For those who cannot attend the event we will run a virtual competition.  Families can send a photo of their child’s hat being worn, with their name, age and a parent’s contact email, to the organiser by Monday 21 June -

Competition Rules:

  • You can use an old hat which you have decorated and customised yourself.  It will be judged on how much you have added to it and how original, funny and imaginative your ideas are.  It does not have to strictly follow the styles of hats worn in the past but should have a historic theme.
  • Alternatively you can make a hat from craft materials.  This would be a good theme for a class-based art and technology project.  We have attached an example instruction sheet, there are many others to be found on the internet.
  • A combination of the above would work well too.
  • It is expected that classroom and parental supervision and help will be given, but as much as possible the work must be the child’s own.
  •  To enter the competition on the day of the Merrye Olde Market event please make your way to the Townscape Heritage Initiative stall by 1pm where we will take your details and give you an entry number. 

Publicity photos will be taken on the day of the competition and we will publish a photograph of the winner wearing their hat (with prior permission from parents).

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