Discover the town of Gainsborough this spring – with a free heritage trail booklet

Map from the new heritage books

A brand new and exclusive heritage trail booklet has been launched in Gainsborough, taking in the scenery and heritage of the small market town.

The booklet, which has been designed by the team behind the Townscape Heritage Initiative, leads visitors and locals on a 90-minute walking tour past some of the most iconic sights and attractions of the West Lindsey town.

Participants will begin at the Gainsborough Heritage Centre, before being led past landmarks such as the Old Nick Theatre, Marshall's Yard, Old County Court House, Gainsborough Old Hall and more!

Townscape Heritage Activities Co-ordinator, Theresa Workman, said that the Townscape Heritage Initiative project included promoting the heritage of the town, as well as restoring it to past glories, and that this booklet highlights its historic attractions.

She said: “One of the aims of our project is to really get behind the town and showcase its fascinating history and heritage. Did-you-know, for instance, that an open market has been associated with the Market Place since 1281! These are the types of fascinating facts that can be found in our new heritage booklet – something that we hope will be just as interesting to local residents as it will be with visitors.

“These new booklets – the next part of our plan to help restore and promote the town – will eventually be found in locations all around the town; for now however, they will be available for home delivery from Easter weekend onwards, completely free of charge.”

If you are interested in being one of the first residents to receive a Gainsborough heritage booklet:

The heritage booklet contains a clear map – leading residents and visitors on an accessible and scenic tour – as well as heritage facts about all of the landmarks on route.

This project is one of a planned series of events the THI team have outlined for 2021, including the following:

  •    Merry Olde Market – Saturday 26th June

A street market incorporating costumed characters from Gainsborough’s past with fun things to do, see and try!  See and join in with everything from a Tudor dance group, Victorian policemen, medieval potter, musicians and cooks to Mead tasting and Saxon archaeology. The day will include a children’s historic hat competition, street entertainment, free giveaways and some really unique purchases.

  •    The Big Draw - Saturday 25th September     

A day of artistic activities for all the family at Gainsborough Old Hall.  Drop in any time, to this artist-led workshop where you can explore and draw the amazing plant life and insects from the Old Hall’s gardens, then create a decorated ceramic tile to be fired and go on display at the hall. At the end of the display, your tiles will be available to collect and take home.

Visit our Townscape Heritage Initiative page for more information about the initiative.

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