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Residents urged to apply now to vote by post or proxy in May elections

Want to vote by post? Apply early

West Lindsey residents are being urged to fill in their applications now if they wish to vote by post or proxy at this year’s local elections.

It is hugely important that despite the COVID-19 pandemic, residents don’t miss out on their opportunity to play their part in local democracy.

This year’s elections will focus on Lincolnshire’s County Councillors, and the County’s Police and Crime Commissioner, with voting concluding on 6 May 2021.

Alan Robinson, West Lindsey’s Deputy Returning Officer for these elections, said: “It may feel that 6th May is a long time away, but if you are unsure or unable to attend a polling station this year, we really want to encourage you now to complete and return your applications, so we can start the process as quickly as possible.

“We all know how things are changing on a daily basis at the moment, and what we don’t want is people missing out on the opportunity to play their part in their local elections. This is your chance to have your say – and have your voice heard within the county.

“Of course, our polling stations will be safe places to go to on 6th May and we are already taking action to organise these safe spaces, but if you do feel you would rather have your say away from the polling station, or you simply can’t attend, please let us know as soon as you can!”

To find out more information – including how to access an application form to apply to vote by post or proxy in the 2021 local elections:

Postal voting is a simple process that allows local residents to vote at home and post their ballot paper without attending a polling station.

Proxy voting is the process of appointing someone to vote on your behalf, either via post or on Election Day at a polling station.

Please note - The Police and Crime Commissioner Election was postponed in 2020 due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

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