Parish News - July 2021

Regular news

We are continuing to improve communications with town and parish councils and we are hoping to send a monthly email to you with key information, which we hope you will find useful. Please let us know if you want more information and we will do our best to help. We are hoping to send this out every month

Consultation  - Council’s Budget

The council will shortly be setting the council tax for 2022/23 and, as part of this process, we want to keep businesses and residents of West Lindsey informed on this issue. In this consultation you will have a chance to understand the current situation for the council and share where you believe our priority should be. 

As always, it is important that we hear from all members of the community. This consultation is open to all residents and businesses of West Lindsey so please feel free to pass this onto anyone who you feel might be interested. 

This consultation opens on Monday 2 August and will close at 9am on Monday 27 September 2021.  Further information and a link to the survey can be found on our Budget Consultation webpage.

Consultation  - Central Lincolnshire Local Plan Review update

On Monday 21st June 2021 the members of the Central Lincolnshire Joint Strategic Planning Committee gave the go ahead for the Consultation Draft of the Central Lincolnshire Local Plan to be published for public consultation. 

The consultation document has been published on the Central Lincolnshire Local Plan website

It is important that as many people engage with the process as possible and it is hoped that residents and Town and Parish Council’s will provide comments on the consultation documents too. The latest press release can be found on our website. The closing date for the Consultation is 24 August.

Planning & Development Information Sessions

Further to earlier messages, we can confirm that the first few sessions are booked as follows:

  • Wednesday 29 September Heritage in Planning

If you have not yet registered, or if you now wish to book a place on the newly announced sessions, please email

Please be aware registration will work on a ‘first come first served’ basis.

Community Defibrillator Membership Service

As a Local Authority we recognise the role we can play in supporting local communities to be safe and healthy places to live. Many communities will have had defibrillators installed by the Council in the last 5 years. The electrode pads and battery inside the defibrillator are consumable products. Electrodes need replacing every time they are opened, and batteries have a limit on the number of shocks they can administer. Our membership service offers a single annual payment to avoid unpredictable expenditure. 

Membership to the service includes the following:

  • Replacement battery and electrode pads following expiration
  • Replacement battery and electrode pads as required following device deployment
  • A loan device, (within 24 hours of deployment) until the original device is located and checked
  • Quarterly maintenance check
  • Access to online status reporting tool
  • Cabinet heater and lock repair or replacement.

The cost of joining the membership is £100 per year (including VAT). Upon joining the service, you will be invoiced for the full amount for the year. For more information, please visit our Community Defibrillator Service webpage.

Rural Affordable Housing

Rural affordable housing is an important part of rural communities but can at times be in short supply. The Rural Housing Alliance have published a detailed and easy to follow Parish Council guide to Affordable Housing. The guide sets out a wide range of information, useful to Parish Councillors considering their local areas.  It answers question from everything such as ‘what is affordable housing’ and ‘what planning routes are available’ to more detailed guidance on Rural Exception Sites and how to deliver affordable rural housing in your local area.

Rural affordable housing can be a contentious issue. This guide goes some way to assisting Parish Councillors to understand affordable housing and its importance to enable rural communities to thrive can ensure that the Councillors and communities are well informed to make the right decisions for their areas.

If any Parish Councillors would like to discuss affordable housing in more detail, please contact Sarah Elvin, Homes, Health and Wellbeing Team manager

Home Choices

We have had a number of people reaching out to us for help and we wanted to let you know that our teams are available to assist anyone with any issues around housing and homelessness. If you need to access help with regards to housing/rent arrears, please call 01427 676 676 or email

Residents Newsletter

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We send a bi-monthly newsletter to residents via email. If you would like to sign up to receive the latest news, press releases then please sign up to our newsletter.

Bus Service Improvement Plan -  Engagement Survey  

Since the Government launched the National Bus Strategy in March 2021, to secure a share of the £3BN funding announced, local transport authorities are asked to enter into an Enhanced Partnership with local operators and to produce a Bus Service Improvement Plan (BSIP) by the end of October 2021. This will be considered by the Department for Transport (DfT) to determine how much funding we will receive. As part of the evidence base, we are sending out this engagement survey to establish a baseline of views, what local people and organisations consider important and what may encourage them to use buses more.   Further consultation will be held in due course as potential schemes start to emerge for the BSIP.

Who should complete the survey?

The survey is designed to be completed by individuals and representatives of organisations. The survey asks different questions depending on how you answer. We are encouraging as many people as possible to complete the survey on-line but if you have any constituents that cannot they can ring 0345 456 4474Monday to Friday 10am to 4pm and we will arrange a postal copy of the survey to be sent to them.


The survey went live on 3 August and closes on Monday 30 August. Ideally we would have liked it to be longer but because of the time constraints to submit a plan set by the DfT, this isn't possible on this occasion.

Monitoring Officer

If you wish to contact the Monitoring Officer at West Lindsey District Council please use the email:

Key contacts to share:

  • Transportation Helpline: 0345 456 4474  - for information and advice on transport choices throughout Lincolnshire
  • Confidential emotional and Mental Health support line for Lincolnshire: 0800 001 4331  (available 24 hours a day, 7days a week)