West Lindsey Parish Charter

The relationship between West Lindsey District Council and parish and town councils.


A parish charter helps to set out how parish and town councils and the district council can communicate and effectively work together. It helps to formalise relationships and set clear standards and expectations for everyone.

Our current parish charter was adopted in June 2020 following consultation with parish and town councils.

Download the West Lindsey Parish Charter [pdf / 234KB].

What does it include?

The Parish Charter includes commitments on the following:

  • Partnership Working
  • Local Governance
  • Consultation
  • Information and Complaints
  • Standards and Governance Support
  • Planning
  • Finance and Budgets
  • Community Support
  • Practical Support

Parish Forums

As part of our commitment to work with and support parish and town councils, we will organise Parish Forum events. These events will enable the effective sharing of information, engagement and discussion and facilities question and answer sessions.

For more details on these events please visit our Parish Forums event page.

Community support for parish and town councils

We provide a range of services and support to help local communities. A dedicated page on our website provides details of services and schemes open to parish and town councils.

For more details please visit Community support for parish and town councils.


If you have any queries about the Parish Charter please contact us.

Email: community@west-lindsey.gov.uk

Parish News

We send Parish News emails each month to every Parish and Town council in the West Lindsey District, the content of these email will be made available here: