Our Corporate Plan

Our priorities for the District over the next four years

Understanding the key issues and challenges for our district has provided a sense of purpose for all that the council intends to do over the next four years and beyond. We have determined what our vision should be. We have questioned what success would look like, which enables us to succinctly communicate the council’s ambition to residents, stakeholders, government and the private sector. We now have clear priorities and delivery programmes.

The next four years will see a focus on:

Our Council, involving areas such as:

  • Finances
  • Structures
  • Partnerships
  • Policies
  • Governance

Our People, where we will focus on:

  • Health & Wellbeing
  • Leisure
  • Skills
  • Vulnerable Groups & Communities

Our Place, which involves priorities such as:

  • Economic Growth
  • External Investment
  • Social Regeneration
  • Infrastructure
  • Enhanced Environment

All of these priorities and much more are contained in our Corporate Plan 2023 to 2027 [pdf / 14 MB] which maps out where we want to make improvements, what success would look like and how we will monitor progress.