Environmental Crime Policy and Commitment

In March 2023 we approved our new Environmental Crime Policy and Environmental Crime Commitment.

The policy seeks to set out our responsibilities for our work relating to abandoned vehicles, abandoned shopping trolleys, dog fouling, littering, early presentation of waste, commercial waste, fly-tipping and public space protection orders.

The Environmental Crime Commitment sets out what we are committed to do for each of these areas over the next 18 to 24 months. It is intended that the commitment will be regularly updated and reviewed by the Prosperous Communities Committee and that actions within it will be progressed to ensure that we continue to work to reduce the impact that environmental crime has on our district.

Current Enforcement Signage

If parish councils or members of the public wish to put up signs regarding our enforcement, our most up to date signage can be downloaded from the following table:

documents | Signage for environmental crime policy commitment