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Your bin must be at your property boundary by 7am on your collection day. Residents must ensure that their bins are brought back to their usual storage location by the end of the collection day, as it may obstruct the highway or pavement and look untidy. 

All the following items should be placed in your blue recycling bin:

  • glass bottles and jars
  • plastic bottles
  • metal cans and tins (including drinks cans)
  • clean foil
  • empty aerosols
  • plastic pots, tubs and trays (such as yogurt pots, margarine tubs and ice cream tubs)

Please read the Right thing, Right Bin Leaflet for up to date information about what can be put in your blue bin, any stickers on bins are out of date.

For further information about the following services please see our fees and charges page

Please note that there is a limit of two blue bins per household, unless under extenuating circumstances.